Poisoned Daggers: Created for Dungeon Crawler Jam 2023

Lead your chosen party through the labyrinthine halls of Nightjar, a fortress full of beasts, creatures and machines all playing thralls to the god Mullanginan. Fight for the glory of your own goddess, Cherraphy, and prove your might by overcoming all odds that oppose you.

...Or maybe there's a different way?


  • Surreal art style with a limited palette
  • Unique battle system, featuring combat in four different directions
  • Foes stalk you from the shadows, challenge them before they overwhelm you
  • Not-so-hidden sneed crawler maintenance room
  • Items that absolutely don't work (we couldn't get them implemented in time)
  • Mostly working levers! (some are too rusty)


  • Left Click:
    • Shift character marbles around in and out of battle
    • Use commands from the lower left interface
    • Select target for some skills
    • Move around/strafe
    • Select actions during combat
  • Arrow keys & Shift + left/right:
    • Move around/strafe
    • Select actions during combat
  • Ctrl + left/right arrow key: Rotate all characters clockwise or counter clockwise
  • Alt + left/right arrow key: Shift character marbles around in and out of battle
  • Enter: Interact with things in front of current lead party member
  • Spacebar: Toggle action log display
  • Escape:
    • Cancel action
    • Show inventory screen

Tips before playing:

  • Actions in combat can be used once per round
  • Positions can be swapped as many times as SP will permit (costs 1 SP)
  • Characters can use actions in combat as long as SP still remains
  • SP recharges as high as your Spirit stat is at the start of each round
  • Skills do various things, check the action log to see how they affect your team
  • Different characters have different environmental actions
  • Enemies will only fight you in their arenas and special locations
  • Enemies that've fled or stalked you will attack all at once, be ready



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i loved the style and vibe of this and the music! the title screen song ruled so hard! would love to be able to add that song to a playlist on youtube! 

i couldn't figure out how to not make the enemies run away, so i got a party wipe the second time they ganged up on me. also was there a way of using the healing items etc that you found in chests?

The best way is to go back and re-use arenas you already know about to challenge them earlier.

Ah, no. :P I didn’t get to implementing item use and equipment swapping in time. Shame, there’s a lot of equipment effects ready to go!

Oh also, the soundtrack can be found at https://zan-zan-zawa-veia.bandcamp.com/album/poisoned-daggers-ost-part-one